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Contribute to the fight against smog

2018-11-20T11:10:46+08:00August 29th, 2018|Announcement, News|

A "Chai Jing smog investigation under the dome" was born. no nest,no egg? Under the dome, can you breathe? For a time, It tortured the hearts of every Chinese. Facing the common voice of the common destiny of breathing. Facing the pain of PM2.5 harm. Governing smog, energy saving and emission reduction, corporate has responsibility and everyone is responsible!

Become a member of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association

2018-11-20T11:12:19+08:00August 17th, 2015|Announcement|

Shandong Alpa Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the development and production of crushing equipment. The pharmaceutical industry has special requirements for the design and production of crushing equipment. Our R&D team has achieved outstanding results in this field. There are a wide range of success stories.

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