ALPA has been provided service to more than 3000 customers for 18 years and our service has been tested by the market for a long time. Our spare parts and accessories have a good quality, low wear and long service life, so ALPA is  the preferred manufacturer and supplier of wear parts and accessories in the ultra-fine grinding&air classifying field . In order to deliver spare parts and accessories to the customer’s production site as soon as possible, ALPA has built a special spare parts &accessory warehouse. Our staff responsible for this spare parts&accessory warehouse shall quickly give a response to your needs as soon as you call us and immediately deliver the parts to you from the warehouse, so as to reduce your waiting time and reduce the risk of equipment halting.


01/ S530Service Strategy

Service is ALPA’s core competitive strength , we established a closed service loop covering the whole life of equipment.

Spare parts and accessories are the important condition for equipment maintenance & repair. Timely supply of spare parts and accessories can not only let the equipment recover its good condition , but also shorten the halting time for equipment repair . Therefore, timely supply of spare parts and accessories is very important. A certain variety and quantity of spare parts and accessories must be manufactured and stored in  warehouse in advance in addition to a certain quantity of those ones which are required for maintenance at a certain time according to the maintenance plan.

ALPA keeps following the concept ” trouble-free service commitment throughout the whole life of equipment &system” to establish a closed service loop covering from service efficiency, service speed, maintenance cost to quality standards and integrate before-sale service, sale process service and after-sales service into a complete chain by taking the clients’expected requirements as the core so as to help our clients improve the value of the whole equipment system.

Means our comprehensive service level keeps leading for 5 years in ultra-fine powder industry.
Means optimizing the three items including the quality of accessory parts, delivery speed of of accessory parts and service skills
Means achieving zero distance between customer and ALPA for communication and service in the method of information.
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02/Accessories of powder grinding equipment

 ALPA makes solutions of wear parts and accessories for equipment and mineral processing system to ensure  continuous and stable production.
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03/Accessories and spare parts for air classifying equipment and system

 Original spare parts and accessories are the key factor for equipment to maintain its high running efficiency and  long service life cycle. ALPA’s original parts are manufactured by skilled manufacture process and use good quality material and they are strictly inspected  through several processes at different level, ensuring each part plays the most effective role during its operation process.
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04/Spare parts and accessories for lab equipment

ALPA’s original accessories have many advantages such as stable chemical composition, high wear resistance, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and high durability etc., we provide complete types of original parts to our clients so as to ensure that every spare part plays its best role during equipment running process.
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05/Accessories for powder surface modifying&coating equipment

ALPA regards product quality as a company’s  life, main parts and wear parts are all made of  wear-resistant material with good quality and they are treated by special process to make them achieve many advantages such as high hardness, good wear resistance, high tensile strength and excellent tenacity so as to ensure the equipment is durable and wear-resistant.
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06/Accessories and spare parts for Ball mill and air classifying system

ALPA has been serving more than 2000 customers for 18 years and has been tested by the market for a long time. Our product quality is good, its loss is low and its life is long, so ALPA is the preferred manufacturer of  wear parts and accessories in the field of ultra-fine powder processing equipment.
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07/Auxiliaries Accessories

ALPA takes customers’ demand as the core and we have already achieved first-class service speed, skills and attitudes through standardized, differentiated and value-added services, so you can easily enjoy our original accessories with the highest quality at any place.
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