All our behavioral consciousness insists on the creation of beautiful environment.
Not only is it committed to creating a beautiful environment for today’s world, but it is also committed to creating beautiful environment for the future world.
“Green development, environmental protection priority” is the only rule that ALPA operates.
“Creating forever green” is the eternal pursuit of ALPA.

Energy saving and environmental protection

We always believe that providing customers with ultra-fine powder equipment and overall solutions which low-carbon, environmentally friendly, energy-saving, intelligent, functional, ultra-fine, ultra-pure, is the mission and responsibility endowed by the times and customers. Also hope to mark Chinese brand with the counterparts working hand in hand for the green development of the global ultra-fine powder industry.

Circular Economy

ALPA adheres to the green value orientation and has formed circular economy solution supported by high value-added comprehensive utilization processing technology for industrial solid waste such as fly ash, slag, steel slag, tailings, poor ore and pool mud by using industrial waste heat as the power source The program provides technical support and services for project design, equipment supply, project construction, installation and commissioning, personnel training, and after-sales service for 100 thermal power and mines.

Social welfare

Adhering to philosophy of “fulfilling social responsibilities and being a good corporate citizen”, we will donate 1,000 CNY from each piece of equipment sale, to help poor children who are out of school in the mountainous areas and those who are trapped by the sick.

Employee Care

ALPA are certified for the special job posts, invested 5 million CNY to protect welding fumes, spray, grinding and other processes, actively create a safe and healthy working environment. ALPA provides employees with the required professional skills and management literacy training to create a fair and just professional growth environment.

Social responsibility

ALPA knows that the development of the company is inseparable from the strong support of the government and the people. ALPA adheres to this commitment and implements environmental protection, taxation, employment, community building, and public welfare investment through practical actions.

Achieve sustainable development

ALPA is a global brand,
Adhering to the mission of “creating the future of advanced materials with powder technology”,
Always regard technological innovation, environmental protection, and human sustainability as the core responsibilities of the company.
Through continuous technological innovation, while providing energy-saving and efficient industrial powder raw material equipment and services to the society,
and actively assume responsibility for employees, stakeholders, the environment and society.
Promote social progress and enhance human well-being.

Building a Harmonious Business Environment

Create the future of advanced materials with powder technology