AVC Series Vacuum Conveyor

Suitable for the tight transfer of powder materials, granules, tablets, capsules and other powder materials between different parts of production line, preventing cross-contamination between materials and environment, and protecting labor. Suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.

  • Features:

    Modular design, less moving parts, easy disassembly, low maintenance cost; combined structure, excuses all use quick-card type connection, easy installation and cleaning; titanium rod filter element, automatic back-blowing cleaning; Easy to clean; meet CMP and FDA requirements.

  • Matching:

    Mill, classifier, granulator, packaging machine, feeding station, mixer.

For more information, please Email us.

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For more information, please Email us.

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Working Principles

Technical Parameters

Parameter Delivery Volume Vacuum Source Consumption Compressed Air Consumption Diameter
Compressed Air
AVC-180A <375 N/A 36 180×580
AVC-200A <525 N/A 60 210×580
AVC-200B <750 N/A 60 210×630
AVC-200C <1100 N/A 60 210×680
AVC-300C <1600 N/A 110 330×940
AVC-300D <2000 N/A 110 330×990
AVC-300E <2400 N/A 110 330×1040
AVC-500E <4900 N/A 220 500×1360
Negative Pressure Source
ZVC-200A <625 126 N/A 180×580
ZVC-200B <900 144 N/A 210×696
ZVC-200C <1250 162 N/A 180×580
ZVC-300C <1800 198 N/A 330×1050
ZVC-300D <2200 216 N/A 330×1100
ZVC-300E <2600 234 N/A 330×1090
ZVC-500E <5300 390 N/A 500×1360
Remark Test conditions: material specific gravity 0.8-1.0, horizontal conveying distance 5 meters, vertical conveying distance 2 meters, the material fluidity is good.
Filter material: 1.titanium metal sintering; 2. stainless steel sintering; 3. coated knit felt; 4. polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE.

Note: The production capacity is closely related to the particle size, specific gravity, hardness, moisture and other indicators of the raw materials. The above is only for selection reference.

Applications and Services

Application scenario

This equipment can be connected with various machines: mill, classifier, granulator, packaging machine, feeding station, mixer, suitable for the closed operation in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, new materials, non-metallic minerals and other industries.

Customer Service

From your first call, to the next communication, inspection, testing, detection analysis, determining the product model and process flow, to complete equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, worker training and compliance production, we will ensure that every step is implemented in place. In order to make you a word-of-mouth communicator of ALPA products and services, we will spare no effort.

Product Parts

The parts service provided by ALPA has been servicing more than 1,000 customers for 18 years and has been proven by markets. The parts are shipped quickly, with full stock, good quality, low loss and long service life, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of your equipment.

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