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We are willing to share our theory and experience of equipment maintenance with you; we are willing to collect and accept the suggestions and experience our customers share with us. We have created this technology park to help every customer solve all kinds of problems during equipment maintenance process.


150+ service engineer team with 18 years’ experience in installation service without any error to save  labour and cost and relieve your worry .

02/ Commissioning

Professional commissioning services can make you not worry about anything and make the equipment or system be smoothly accepted and put into use as soon as possible after our skilled commissioning.

03/ Operation training

A detailed and all-sided training service for equipment operation will enable our customer’s operators to grasp the operating theoretical knowledge and practical operating skills.


Professional and systematic equipment failure troubleshooting method to solve any equipment problems without going out of your factory.
Main equipment body current rises and temperature rises , fan current drops.2018-11-21T17:19:52+08:00


(1) Feed is excessive and air duct is blocked by powder.
(2) Pipeline exhaust is not smooth and circulating air generates heat to make the machine temperature increase and fan current drop.

Solving method :

(1) Reduce feed quantity and clean up the powder in air duct ;
(2) Open the air pipe valve to a large degree, and  feed material temperature should be controlled below 6℃

Finished powder product is too coarse or too fine2018-11-21T17:20:43+08:00

Reasons :

(1)The blades of classifying wheel wears too seriously to make the classifying wheel lose its classifying function.
(2) Air volume of fan is not appropriate.

Solving Method :

(1) Replace the blades;
(2) Reduce the inlet air volume of the fan to avoid too coarse powder and increase the inlet air volume of  the fan to avoid too fine powder.

The milling chamber has abnormal sound, roller and milling ring have knocking sound between them.2018-11-21T17:21:21+08:00


The reason exists inside the milling chamber. Stop the machine and open the grinding chamber , use your hand to rotate the machine, you will find  that sometimes some rollers rotates,however, sometimes they can not rotate , and some rollers and grinding rings are broken, this problem reason is  lubrication for roller bearing is not good.

Sudden vibration happens to the main machine body2018-11-21T17:22:05+08:00

The reasons are:

(1) Parts are not fastened;
(2) Bottom screw cap is loose;
(3) Main shaft is bent to be distorted and the weight of some part is unbalanced.

Solving method:

(1) Check the firmness of each component;
(2) Tighten the screw cap;
(3) Replace the main shaft and adjust the balance degree.

The product size that has been adjusted well gets too large during the production process2018-11-21T17:22:51+08:00

Problem:  triangle belt is loose

Solving method:

Tighten the triangle belt and adjust other components properly so as to achieve the satisfied particle size.

05/Daily Maintenance Instructions

ALPA provides you with detailed equipment maintenance knowledge and various maintenance& repair skills to let your staff become an maintenance engineer , so you can solve all the problems on site. You can also take part in our systematic training or call our after-sales engineer to help you.

Eight reasons for raw material blockage and solving methods

If the moisture content and viscosity of raw material are high, the milled material shall be easily adhere to both sides of the grate screen hole and liner plate so as to result in decrease of the milling chamber space and  low pass rate of the screen hole, so material blockage occurs.

6 details to improve powder milling rate

The accept powder output is getting lower and lower after a long time’s running of the mill, this will seriously affect benefit of the company. How to solve these problems makes many factories feel headache. Reasonably selecting the rotation speed of the main machine to improve the grinding force of the main machine.

06/150+ engineers, Provide service to you at any time.

ALPA huge engineer team to provide you with equipment installation test at any time troubleshooting services to ensure the smooth running of your machine.

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