Project Description

MQP01 Jet Mill

  • Product capacity: 0.5~300g/h
  • Air consumption: 0.5/min3
  • Equipment size: (length × width × height): 500 × 350 × 400 (mm)
  • Product size: D50 2~15um adjustable
  • Suitable for medicine, minerals, chemicals, fine materials, precious metals etc.

CUM180 Universal Mill

  • Grinding plate: Φ180mm
  • Motor power: 1.5kw
  • Product size: 40 mesh – 120 mesh
  • Hourly production: 500g ~ 5000g
  • Equipment size: (length X width X height): 820X650X930 (mm)
  • Suitable for minerals, chemicals, food, health products, Chinese herbal medicine etc.

GC05 Inertia Classifier

  • Very precise coarse particle culling
  • High precision for ultrafine powder
  • Adopting the principle of COANDA physics
  • Simple construction, no rotating body, low operating costs (no rotating parts, no motor)
  • Can classify the coarse, medium and fine powder at same time
  • Especially suitable for product classification with narrow particle size distribution
  • Own more advantageous on classifying for poorly fluid, irregular powders
  • Suitable for: copiers, laser printer toners, cerium oxide, aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide, metal powder, etc.

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For more information, please Email or call our 24-hour hotline.

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Applications and Services

Equipment is the foundation, technology is the soul, and service is the guarantee.

Application Scenarios

This equipment is especially suitable for research institutes, universities laboratory, research institutes, factory laboratories, R&D and testing of new products.

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Customer Service

From your first call, to the next communication, inspection, testing, detection analysis, determining the product model and process flow, to complete equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, worker training and compliance production, we will ensure that every step is implemented in place. In order to make you a word-of-mouth communicator of ALPA products and services, we will spare no effort.

Product Parts

The parts service provided by ALPA has been servicing more than 1,000 customers for 18 years and has been proven by markets. The parts are shipped quickly, with full stock, good quality, low loss and long service life, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of your equipment.

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