Each video documents our big moments and growth, and tells our visions and professionalism.Here, every moment is the epitome of our daily work, a showcase of our capabilities and an interpretation of our skills. Each scene, be it static or dynamic images, shows all true selves. From here, you will establish a comprehensive understanding of the quality, innovation and value of ALPA。

Enterprise strength

With 18 years of focus on ultra-fine ultra-pure crushing and classifying research, powder shape control and selective crushing,
powder surface modification, and system integration of powder engineering equipment, it is the world’s leading provider of ultra-fine powder solutions.

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37 companies listed in 500 international top-class ones  , 89 companies listed in 500 Chinese top -class ones , 169 national level key laboratories and other customers are more than 3000.

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Germany’s superb technology, inherited and carried forward in our hands, more than 50 intellectual property rights patents, let our products leading the world

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In the past 18 years, ALPA has renowned in the ultra-fine powder industry and won many awards, invention patents and scientific and technological transformations with its strong R&D strength and pragmatic innovation spirit. We are pleased but not satisfied.

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The scenes of the static or dynamic pictures are all true to us. From here, bring you a comprehensive understanding of the quality, innovation and value of ALPA.

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VR scene

ALPA has an advanced production base for ultrafine grinding equipment and a production base under construction. The total production base area is 40,000 square meters, which can better meet the customized  needs of more customers around the world. 360° VR vision will bring you to experience different ALPA.

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3D virtual technology, real experience of the structure, performance, parameters, working principle of ALPA products.

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