ALPA provides systematic training for our clients’ technical personnel so as to better meet project requirements . Our training lecturer will continue to follow up  project running, ensuring  the project can be smoothly put into use and it can run continuously and smoothly and efficiently later.

01/100+ training lecturers

More than 100 professional training lecturers teach you in details how to let the ultra-fine powder production line run continuously, efficiently and steadily

02/Rich Training course,Expert lecturer’s following up mode throughout the whole training process

Multi-dimensional training courses, lecturer’s  following-up mode throughout the whole commissioning process and 18 years’ high-quality service experience for more than 3000 companies ensure you can grasp all operation skills whatever you have basic skills or not

03/1000+training experience for clients

18 years’ customer training experience let every training process turn into a process which makes our client turn into our strategic partner.

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