Laboratory Equipment

The first three-in-one combined structure, flexible Jet Mill, Air Classifier, Impact Mill in one. Compact structure, high efficiency gas seal, small footprint, PLC control, easy operation and wide application. Easy to disassemble and clean. Can be applied to a variety of grinding processes.


Three-In-One Laboratory Mill and Classifier

  • Jet mill, air classifier and impact mill are integrated into a whole machine body .
  • Compact structure, easy operation for transferring one function into another function.
  • Available D50:1.5~45μm.
  • Key parts are fully ceramic to keep the product free from metal contamination.
  • Inert gas is available for protection, high safety guarantee.
  • Engineering cases

    37 companies listed in 500 international top-class ones , 89 companies listed in 500 Chinese top -class ones , 169 national level key laboratories and other customers are more than 3000. The next story is told by you.

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