R & D

ALPA pays close attention to domestic market demand and technology development trends, continuously introduces mature technologies at home and abroad, selectively adopts and combines its own advantages, develops and innovates, and manufactures with precision. It is a long-term independent development path of the company insisted on.

Technology and innovation

Introduce advanced technology from Europe and United States, adhere to independent research and development and innovation, and transform technology into productivity.

ALPA is very committed to working with industry-leading international group companies,strengthen technology sharing and improve product technology level.

Chairman Jingjie Zhang signed a cooperation agreement with German IVA Chairman KRETSCHMER
Chairman Jingjie Zhang and German IVA Chairman KRETSCHMER (first from left), Chairman of the German PALLMANN company (middle) communicate for technical exchange in-depth
Chairman Jingjie Zhang with German IVA Chairman KRETSCHMER (middle) and Germany PALLMANN company chairman (second from left)

The cooperation and joining of all kinds of high-end technical personnel, as well as the acquisition of more than 30 patents, have made our company be worthy of an industry leader.

Since 2005, ALPA has established cooperative relationships with major universities and research institutions to strengthen the complementary resources of school and enterprise and enhance the company’s product innovation capabilities.

China Non-Metallic Mining Technology and Market Exchange Conference and the 6th White Industrial Minerals Conference
Chairman Jingjie Zhang and the European Graphite Carbon Society expert HALLEN
Well-known experts and scholars jointly study energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and efficient process of refractory materials

Expert team

ALPA has the team of more than 10 experts, most of whom enjoy special government allowances and publish many important technical papers in the domestic and international powder industry publications.

Jingjie Zhang


Member of the China Particle Society, and expert member of the China Non-Metallic Minerals Association Innovation Committee. He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of Qingdao University in 1989, filling two domestic blanks, obtained three national invention patents and more than 10 utility model patents, and published 20 papers.

Hongqiang Liao


Selected as the  “Beijing Million Talents Program”, deputy director of the Coal Power Pollution Control and Waste Recycling Laboratory of Shanxi University. He used to be deputy director of the Solid Waste Management and Comprehensive Utilization Laboratory of Peking University. He graduated from the Department of Thermal Engineering of Tsinghua University (postdoctoral), applied for 98 patents and 78 academic papers.



Former German Alpine company engineer, one of the main design developers of the classifier. With more than 30 years of experience, he has presided over the development of a series of classifiers such as vertical single rotor classifier, vertical multi-rotor classifier, horizontal single rotor classifier and horizontal multi-rotor classifier. Adhering to the rigorous technology of the Germans, he has participated in the construction of several classic projects in Liaoning, Sichuan and Hubei in China, especially the design of the classifier has become a model for the industry to studying

Yigang Chen


Selected as an “Oriental Scholar”, professor and doctoral tutor of the Department of Electronic Information Materials, School of Materials of Shanghai University, graduated from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (Ph.D.) of Tsinghua University. He has worked in the Karlsruhe Research Center in Germany and the Japan Industrial Technology Research Institute for 11 years. He has accumulated rich practical experience, is an authoritative material science and engineering expert in the world, and has published 68 papers in foreign core journals.

Chun Wan

Senior engineer

He used to be the chief engineer of the German IVA company in China and served as the director of the Third Design and Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry of China. Graduated from Hefei University of Technology, majoring in computer technology and application.He has extensive professional knowledge and on-site management experience in terms of industrial design in powder processing projects (including: preliminary project planning, general layout and design), process flow design, equipment selection, site engineering management, and commissioning of production lines.

Zaijiang Zhang

Senior engineer

He has won the Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award for 6 times and has many years of experience in technical cooperation with a well-known German powder engineering company. Technical field: Mechanical manufacturing. He is good at research on topics such as molten reduction ironmaking, gas-solid separation fluid mechanics, electrochemical deposition, extractive distillation, vapor-liquid equilibrium, etc., and has published many related research papers.

Chaoqun Xu

Director of research institute

An expert of the China Particle Society, graduated from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Shenyang Aerospace University. He is good at ultra-fine processing of non-metallic minerals, lithium batteries, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, fine chemicals, industrial solid waste, high-tech materials, metal powder, ceramic building materials, and research on inert gas protection pulverization and classification.

Jinbo Cui

Technical center director

Expert of China Particle Society, expert of Innovation Committee of China Non-Metallic Mineral Association. He has been engaged in researching formulation and process of non-metallic and mineral materials applied in rubber, and published 15 papers. Areas of expertise: deep processing and application of inorganic non-metallic powder materials, deep processing and reuse of fly ash and other secondary resources, and combination and application of inorganic non-metallic powder materials and organic polymers.

Research institute

ALPA Research Institute currently has more than 40 top R&D engineers in the ultra-fine powder industry and plans to reach a research and development team of 200 people within five years.

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National Patent

After decades of construction, ALPA Research Institute has become an important independent research and development and technological innovation force in the field of ultra-fine powder and nano-powder related technologies at home and abroad. It has obtained 15 effective national patents, including 3 invention patents. 27 new utility model patents.

Independent research and development of effective intellectual property table

No.Authorized patent namePatent typeCountryAuthorization NumberCertificate picture
1Fluidized bed jet mill for online cleaning and online sterilizationInvention patentChinaZL201310084970.X
2One kind of comprehensive processing method of mineral materialInvention patentChinaZL 201210178858.8
3One kind of rice flour wet processing system (in substantive examination)Invention patentChinaZL 201410448446.0
4One kind of ceramic grinding discUtility model patentChinaZL201720047023.7
5One kind of assemblyable ceramic ring gear and shunt ringUtility model patentChinaZL201720047030.7
6One kind of cleaning device for waste fluorescent tube fluorescent powder separationUtility model patentChinaZL201620025103.8
7Harmless & resource processing production line for waste fluorescent lampUtility model patentChinaZL201520050640.X
8Spiral jet mill with built-in classifying impellerUtility model patentChinaZL201420780868.3
9Lithium battery positive material special pulverizer and closed loop pulverizing systemUtility model patentChinaZL201520098685.8
10Waste fluorescent tube pump separation screening deviceUtility model patentChinaZL201520019958.5
11One kind of rice flour wet processing systemUtility model patentChinaZL201420508408.5
12Separate vertical multi-rotor classifierUtility model patentChinaZL201120566693.2
13Classifier RotorExterior DesignChinaZL201730016215.7
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Transformation of scientific and technological achievements

Combining scientific research with production, learning and research, relying on mature scientific research team, pioneering and innovating, aiming at the technological frontier of the industry, and continuously improving the overall scientific and technological achievements of enterprises.

Cooperative research institutes and research areas

German IVA

Ultrafine airflow crushing technology


Ultrafine airflow pulverization manufacturing equipment

Building Materials Industry Technical Information Institute

Ultrafine powder pulverization technology

National institute of clean and low-carbon energy

Powder modification technology, battery material manufacturing device

China University of Mining and Technology

Deep processing and application of non-metallic minerals

Shanxi University

Industrial solid waste recycling economic technology research and equipment manufacturing

Qingdao University of Science and Technology

New material technology

School of Material Science And Engineering, University of Jinan

New material technology

China Medical University

Drug ultra-micro treatment technology

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Summary of the transformation of enterprise scientific and technological achievements

No.Project NameProject sourceTechnical fieldProject type
1Ultra-fine classifier mill technology research and developmentEnterprise independent projectNew materialNew product
2Online cleaning air jet mill technology research and developmentSME Technology Innovation Fund ProjectPharmaNew product
3Research and development of multi-impeller airflow crushing and classifying technologyEnterprise independent projectPharmaNew product
4Technology research and development of comprehensive cleaning and feeding deviceEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
5Technology research and development of Air jet mill nozzleEnterprise independent projectNew materialNew process
6Technology development of special impeller for high-precision air jet millEnterprise independent projectBattery materialNew process
7High-sealing safety transmission technology research and developmentEnterprise independent projectPharmaNew process
8Design and development of a jet mill with modification functionEnterprise independent projectNew materialNew process
9Harmless recycling technology of waste fluorescent tubesEnterprise independent projectNew materialNew process
10Design and development of a jet mill with modification functionJoint researchSuperfine crushingNew process
11Harmless recycling technology of waste fluorescent tubesJoint researchComprehensive utilization of resourcesNew process
12Design and development of a cyclone-type particle classifier with bottom windEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
13Design and development of separated vertical multi-rotor classifierEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
14Development of a new type of vibration millEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
15Application and development of advanced ceramic technology in high purity ultrafine grinding equipmentYuandu Leading Talent ProjectNew materialNew process
16Development of spiral jet mill feeding deviceEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
17Development of butterfly jet millEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
18Development of separated horizontal multi-rotor classifierEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
19Development of self-dividing vertical multi-rotor classifierEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
20Development of ultra-fine powdering and precision classifying equipment for steel slagCooperation projectsComprehensive utilization of resourcesNew process
21Development of spiral blade classifierEnterprise independent projectSuperfine crushingNew product
22Research and development of specialized manufactured technology for lithium battery cathode materialsShandong Province Technology Innovation PlanNew materialNew process
23Development and demonstration of dry separation of bean protein technologyShandong Province Technology Innovation PlanSuperfine crushingNew process
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