ALPA’s Jet Mill


MQW Series Jet Mill

  • More fineness
  • With Classifying Rotor, easy to adjust
  • Large capacity, Up to 57T/H
  • Wide range of applications
  • Single Rotor / Multiple Rotor
  • 325-10000 mesh (45 μm-1 μm)
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    MQL Series Jet Mill

  • Vertical impeller, single rotor
  • Secondary air design, high energy utilization rate
  • Large capacity
  • Wide range of applications
  • 325-5000 mesh (45μm-2.5μm)
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    MQP Series Jet Mill

  • High purity
  • Ceramicized, no pollution
  • No classifier Rotor, easy to clean
  • Can meet GMP and FDA requirements
  • Applicable: chemical, pharmaceutical, food
  • 100-6000 mesh (150μm-2μm)
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    MQPW Series Jet Mill

  • Multi-nozzle structure, no grinding dead zone
  • Ceramicized, no pollution
  • Stronger deagglomeration ability
  • Applicable: Battery materials, chemical
  • 100-10000 mesh (150μm-1μm)
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    MQP Medical Series Jet Mill

  • Can meet GMP and FDA requirements
  • High purity
  • Ceramicized, no pollution
  • No classifier Rotor, easy to clean
  • 100-6000 mesh (150μm-2μm)
  • Take you to know

    What is Jet Mill

    Jet Mill, also known as air jet mill/milling machine, jet mill micronizer, spiral jet mill, jet mill pulverizer. Compared to impact grinding, Jet Mill’s application is wider and provides finer sizes, especially for harder materials and special materials.

    Jet Mill works with cyclone separator, dust collector and draft fan to form a complete grinding and classifying system. Compressed air flow after filtration and drying input milling chamber through nozzles, and meet in the center area, where material would be impacted and ground and sheared. Milled powder would go up to the classifying chamber by the air flow from suction fan. The high-speed rotation of classifier wheel would create a strong centrifugal force to separate coarse powder and fine powder. Qualified fine powder would go through the impeller vane of classifier then output the cyclone separator or dust collector, while coarse powder would fall down to the milling chamber to be milled again.

    Jet Mill is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, mining, food, new materials and other industries. Some jet mills use steam as kinetic energy, which we call “steam jet mill.” Particle size could be up to 0.2μm, with stronger kinetic energy. It is usually used to treat power plant fly ash, steel slag, chemical raw materials, etc. These plants can provide sufficient steam and energy can be fully utilized.

    According to the design structure, Jet Mill can be roughly divided into: fluidized bed Jet Mill (including vertical and horizontal types); Disc Jet Mill. ALPA could produce jet mill with big capacity of 10T/H, could also produce mini milling machine/small vertical mill for laboratory. Equipped with fully automatic PLC control.

    A good jet mill not only own high production efficiency and energy saving, but also has reasonable structural design, easy maintenance and cleaning, long service life and reasonable price of parts. In the field of ultra-fine powder technology research and equipment. Germany and Japan started earlier, well-known companies include Alpine,hosokawa,netzsch,ecutec.

    Thanks to the great achievements of Chinese 40 years of reform and opening up, China has comprehensive and efficient industrial chain ecology in the world.In the past 20 years, ALPA has continuously absorbed domestic and foreign experience, pioneering and enterprising, has grown into the largest market share of ultra-fine powder equipment manufacturers in China, especially in the fields of high-tech materials, medicine, food, non-metallic minerals, industrial solid waste, etc. With absolute advantages, it has become a leader in the field of Chinese powder equipment.

    I don’t know how to choose a Right Jet Mill.”


    It’s also Jet Mill, but it’s very different in terms of application, capacity, finished products particle sizes. Each model has the most suitable application and materials. As an expert, you will not be unfamiliar with this.If you have any questions, don’t worry, please click on “SELCETION GUIDE” below, or “Live Chat” in the lower right corner of this page, or contact us via our phone or email.


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