Chaoqun Xu, who joined ALPA in 2010, is very passionate about his work and business learning, and has laid a solid professional foundation in the ALPA Design Institute.

In March 2011, the company sent him to a foreign non-metallic mine customer to solve the problem. He devoted himself to his work, started from make samples and test samples, enthusiastically trained the foreign testers so that they learned the independent test operation in short time; he actively contacted the geological and mining departments of overseas client. Discuss with peer experts and adjust the test ideas in a timely manner. On countless sleepless nights, he and his colleagues are constantly optimizing solutions to problems; in the early morning, he and his colleagues are working together.

They stepped into the 40-year technical problem step by step in the working atmosphere of “Too much work!” – Germany, Japan, the United States, South Korea and many other internationally renowned research institutions do experimental research on “Ultrofine air jet mill based on Online Cleaning Technology (CIP)”