2020 something unusual.

It feels good because of your companionship.

Thanks giving Day,

I’ve been different from the usual.

These words come from my heart,

please listen attentively.

Electric control department -Zou Zhiqiang

My mentor looks a little young,

but he is steady, was strict with me.

Care me like my elder brother.

He looks ordinary, also not great.

He leaded me for many years.

Warehouse -Zhang Yanhong

Since the first day of my career, my mentor told me:

Keep a clear record of storage and delivery,

data and account management clearly.

It has been my working standard for a long time.

Sheet metal workshop – Ma Changjian

My mentor takes me enter the field,

join the big family ALPA.

He’s always looking forward to me.

Looking forward to one day,

be him, surpass him.

So am I,

looking forward to one day,

grow up and surpass him.

Technology Department- Li Dengke

My mentor said that when writing Chinese characters, should be standardized and rigorous,

And it’s same requirement for drawing.

This is the truth of life given to me by my mentor.

Finance department- Lu Xiangrong

A miss is as good as a mile.

To be an accountant, we should not only devote ourselves to work, but also be proficient in business and diligence.

2020, ALPA and I, share together, grow together.

Thanks for my mentor, thanks for ALPA.

Thanks for my mentor, thanks for ALPA.

Thanks for ALPA, thanks for 2020.

Grateful to meet,thanks for being there .