ALPA’s Grinding Mill


MQW Series Jet Mill

  • More fineness
  • With Classifying Rotor, easy to adjust
  • Large capacity, Up to 57T/H
  • Wide range of applications
  • Single Rotor / Multiple Rotor
  • 325-10000 mesh (45 μm-1 μm)
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    MQL Series Jet Mill

  • Vertical impeller, single rotor
  • Secondary air design, high energy utilization rate
  • Large capacity
  • Wide range of applications
  • 325-5000 mesh (45μm-2.5μm)
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    MQP Series Jet Mill

  • High purity
  • Ceramicized, no pollution
  • No classifier Rotor, easy to clean
  • Can meet GMP and FDA requirements
  • Applicable: chemical, pharmaceutical, food
  • 100-6000 mesh (150μm-2μm)
  • 2018-12-27T13:57:31+08:00

    MQPW Series Jet Mill

  • Multi-nozzle structure, no grinding dead zone
  • Ceramicized, no pollution
  • Stronger deagglomeration ability
  • Applicable: Battery materials, chemical
  • 100-10000 mesh (150μm-1μm)
  • 2018-12-27T13:58:32+08:00

    MQP Medical Series Jet Mill

  • Can meet GMP and FDA requirements
  • High purity
  • Ceramicized, no pollution
  • No classifier Rotor, easy to clean
  • 100-6000 mesh (150μm-2μm)
  • 2018-12-18T16:30:06+08:00

    Powder Coating Production Line

    The most used coating process by the world's mineral magnate/ the minimum dosage of modifier / the best coating effect.

    Take you to know

    What is Grinding Mill

    Grinding mill machine, in terms of application, it can be divided into industrial grinding mill and laboratory grinding mill (small impact crusher). Among them, the industry has the widest range of uses. For example, coal grinding mill, rock grinding mill, plastic grinding mill, rubber grinding mill, limestone grinding mill, flour mill grinder, grain mill grinder and so on.

    From the method of impact grinding, it can be divided into wet grinding and dry grinding.

    In terms of working mode, it can be divided into centrifugal grinding mill, pin mill grinder, jet air grinder, roller mill grinder. All the mills that work in impact manner such as hummer mill, discs mill, pin mill, ball mills, etc., are collectively referred to as “impact mill”. The mill that work by high-pressure airflow are called jet mill.

    ALPA is Chinese the largest powder grinding mill manufacturer, and its fine grinding mill machine is sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

    I don’t know how to choose a Right Grinding Mill.”


    It’s also Grinding Mill, but it’s very different in terms of application, capacity, finished products particle sizes. Each model has the most suitable application and materials. As an expert, you will not be unfamiliar with this.If you have any questions, don’t worry, please click on “SELCETION GUIDE” below, or “Live Chat” in the lower right corner of this page, or contact us via our phone or email.


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